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Thanks for writing this up. Not much positive coming from the Groupon front of late. That said:

> In advance of the Groupon we raised our 10k price to $169 so that the discount percentage was higher.

I think most people assumed this was happening, but to have it said in plain English is a bit disturbing. It's deliberately deceiving the customer, and is accepted as a strategy. Is that sustainable?

It's not deliberately deceiving anyone. We raised our price and then offered a discount. The price was raised for all customers. It is entirely different than forcing Groupon customers to order from a separate menu with similar products and higher prices, or funneling them through a website with an online store with the same products and higher prices. We just modified our pricing in advance of changing our business plan.

Eh, whatever. As a customer, that sort of thing doesn't bother me half as much as when products are cheapened in order to avoid price hikes. (filler ingredients, subtle shrinking of container sizes, etc.)

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