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PyDisAss: A 6502 Disassembler in Python (awsm.de)
29 points by fcambus on March 21, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

I claim it's best to give up on the idea of being clever, and just go straight for being interactive. Particularly true for 6502; there's nothing remotely approaching an ABI, and, in general, anything goes. You'll never be able to automate everything. Simplest to give up before you start, and just settle for recursively discovering code from a specified starting point by following obvious branches and jumps.

But that's fine! That's all you need to do. The interactivity solves the rest, and the user can specify code vs data and so on themselves as they work through the code.

See IDA Pro (https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/), Dis6502 (https://www.atarimax.com/dis6502/), Ghidra (https://ghidra-sre.org/ - actually, terrible for 6502 last I checked, but it is interactive), Hopper (https://www.hopperapp.com/), and probably more.

PyDisAss? A booty meme pic to finish out the article? Great example of why women don't feel welcome in tech and why there are so few women on HN.

Totally unnecessary spoilage of a laboriously crafted project and article.

> PyDisAss? A booty meme pic to finish out the article? Great example of why women don't feel welcome in tech and why there are so few women on HN.

Women don't feel welcome because of a play on words regarding a body part that _everyone_ has?

How does a person become so fragile?

Is the joke a bit juvenile? Yes. But if someone is so utterly offended that they crumple on hearing it, I am not sure any company is well served to have someone like that on staff. If you can't handle a stupid joke, how are you supposed to handle someone critiquing a project you've worked hard on?

Please don't perpetuate this sort of nonsense on womens' behalf. Women do have legitimate workplace grievances, but this isn't one of them. All you are accomplishing is sabotage of their legitimate frustrations.

One reason that I was drawn to programming was because I liked spending long hours in front of the computer figuring things out, not talking to anybody else or dealing with people. Women that I've spoken to about this have said they couldn't imagine being alone all day. Many men too. I'm not a people person consistently enough for politics but I love tech stuff!

When I started programming though I did hang out on IRC a lot. Mostly I was there to ask questions. People there were extremely rude to me just for asking questions or having an opinion. I also started out with a very low paying jobs and I have been discriminated against many times for the fact that I do not have a college degree. Now that I'm older I will be discriminated against for my age. However I persist.

If it weren't for my desire to learn, it might have turned me off. If not for my love of tech I might have switched careers. I think people who would rather make a stink about some bit of drama really weren't interested in the tech as much as they were interested in drama, money or respect.

Hi, author of the article here. Back in the 80s most assemblers and disassemblers were abbreviated with "Ass" or "Disass" and I'm pretty sure there was more than one pun intended for that naming scheme. As for the "booty" pic, I honestly didn't think about it as I just loved the show (Parks and Recreation), where Amy Poehler plays a strong and feminist lead role. Having said that I do agree with what you said and I do think it is extremely important to not even imply anything that could hurt somebody's feelings. Except for mom jokes. Mom jokes are still allowed. I have removed the repo name from the title and replaced the gif with a different one. Thank you for your comment :)

If you're up for changing things based on one persons feedback, I loved the repo title and the gif, and in light of that and what's occurred I find the changed article deeply offensive.

The experience of vocal minorities being triggered by something, and then having their way is actually extremely triggering for me, as I feel I am in the company of the less-vocal majority who have been historically oppressed in such situations.

This is even worse when that vocal minority is triggered not even by their own feelings, but by assuming the feelings of a typically larger groups, on their behalf. This act takes that larger groups voice without them even being aware of it. It's horrifying.

I hope you'll reconsider and restore your fantastic article back to how it was.

Thank you! Also, please write more, and don't hold your humour or personality back. Instead let them gush forth, exploding into the ice of the world as your own unique snowflake of originality.

The world desperately needs that, at this time of minority tyrants ruling over a largely silent (but slowly awakening) majority.

I appreciate your constructive response very much. Congratulations on your tour-de-force article, and I hope we hear more from you in the future.

That's... not a great name lol

It’s not great, it’s amazing.

A better title might be: "How to write a 6502 disassembler in Python"

In that light, it's a great, at times hilarious, article. (For example, the bit about self-modifying code is most elucidating.)


That's a bit like my 8080 disassembler in COBOL, back in the 80s.


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