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Robust Soldier Crab Ball Gate [pdf] (2011) (wolfram.com)
28 points by todsacerdoti 27 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Title looks like word soup, but it's actually very cool. You can implement logical AND/OR/etc gates with crabs, leading to the possibility of an entire crab-based CPU. Minecrafters/dwarf fortressers, get on it!

Sounds like something straight out of three body problem.

I legitimately thought it was about diceware until I clicked the link.

Published in the second quarter issue of Complex Systems (2011). In case it slips past you, the second quarter begins on April 1st.

Given the setup relies on intimidation plates to frighten the crabs into action, we can only assume the future of computers will be "Regularly Intimidated Soldier Crabs".

I like to imagine a giant robotic crab with a crab processing unit.

Is there a video of this in action?

Title sounded like a password https://xkcd.com/936/

Heh I assumed this would be about passwords too. Even knowing what it’s about now my brain still insists on parsing it as 5 disparate words.

Sweet. Now do a Toffoli gate

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