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But that's exactly what the parent was asking — how are you defining "loyal?"

His question was, what are we getting out of it that would cost us more if we didn't do it ourselves.

Well, does it have unwavering strategic, political, cultural, ideological interest to continue the relationship, whatever the government?

In contrast the surrounding allies always warn that the relationship or balance of power may change if the current government goes out of power. The state department may lose some hours of sleep when there is a change in power in Egypt or in Yemen, but does it have to when the same happens in Israel?

Honestly? I think so.

Look at how much tension there is between Obama and Bibi. Bibi point-blank says he couldn't give a damn less what Obama's ideas are for peace, there will be no halt of construction in occupied lands and there will be no negotiation for Jerusalem.

That's quite a stretch from what his predecessors once said.

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