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"Its pretty clear.. that you are a SHILL (or a community fan of LowEndBox) as you phrase it... whatever you want to call it. your impact is still negative and the same."

Open community, ne?

"I find it highly suspicious that your ACCOUNT STARTED the SAME TIME this was posted."

Of course, I found that this site/post even existed through a community.

"You are FAR too sensitive to deem comments as an ATTACK on the site; or deem it as non-valid. Frankly, there is nothing for you to defend. As I stated; theres nothing wrong with his technical write-up. I just highly question the motivations of being posted on HN with such a title, promo code, ads, etc."

I'm just defending the 'questionability' part - there is nothing questionable about this article being posted here, nor is it complete spam.

"FRANKLY, what you are doing text book 'Gaming HN'."

It's not a very fun game, if a game at all.

"And Heres WHY: 1) You just started your account today for this post"

Yes. I only found out that this place existed through a community.

"2) You have your comments upvoted and down vote dissenting comments by your confederates"

Sure, someone else might have been voting me up, but I don't have access to downvote anyone. Please try again. (I've also upvoted some other members of HN's group here - eh)

"3) You keep on telling people to go to " BuyVM .net" which by the way has LowEndBox.com as its biggest advocate"

It's only the "biggest advocate" because it won a voting contest - if another company won the vote they would be listed.

"4) You have a very intimate knowledge of how LowEndBox operates, (if he does affiliate links, or has a WebHostingTalk account, or if he makes money from his ads)"

It's kind of easy to figure out if you actually visit the/any site often. Who doesn't make money from ads?

"Come on you can tell me if you are Francisco Dias - the guy that runs BuyVM and markets almost exclusively at LowEndBox (You just got caught!)"

Nope. I'm not Francisco, sorry. I'm just a satisfied client.

"Please stop trying to Game HN and HN users."

There is no "game," sir, I don't know what you're trying to play.

Theres no need to further debate this with you.

Good day to you too.

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