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Manage Your AWS Account from AWS Lambda with AWS Chalice (github.com/chalice-dev)
6 points by chalice 54 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a bizarre Escher painting of deployment deployers stacked on an infinite pile of bespoke libraries that all clamor and scream that they are the "one true solution to reduce all complexity".

Why not just use ask cli? Don't answer this I might just start screaming and never stop

"Manage Your AWS Account from AWS Lambda with AWS Chalice" certainly sounds a bit kafkaesque. To make everything simple you just have to put an AWS thing in your other AWS thing to manage your AWS account ...

This has nothing to do with giant beetles.

Consider, you can have a lambda function provision a new account from AWS Control Tower, and expose that as a WebSocket-based AWS Chalice API connected to ChatOps in Slack. That's pretty cool.

> Why not just use ask cli?

“ask cli”? Do you mean AWS CLI? Or SAM CLI?

The idea is to do the whole shebang in python code, known as self-hosting, dogfooding, etc.

That page is very confusing to me. It seems to try to sell me on the advantages of Chalice, but assumes that I already know what Chalice is. Then it goes on with a link list. What is the audience of that page?

https://aws.github.io/chalice/ is a bit better as an entry point, though that could also be a bit clearer on what problems Chalice solves

I agree, leading out with linked lists is not a very good idea... although this is Hacker News. I will take this under advisement when refactoring the list. Thanks.

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