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[flagged] Pa. woman created ‘deepfake’ videos to force rivals off cheerleading squad (pennlive.com)
35 points by pseudolus 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

Article links several times to this[0], but it's a confusing switch in text between "text and images" and "video".

> fake photos and videos

> The affidavit says Spone last year created the doctored images

> were also sent photos that appeared to depict

> victims were sent photos of themselves

And of course, most confusing:

> After analyzing the videos, detectives determined they were “deepfakes” — digitally altered but realistic looking images — created by mapping the girls’ social media photos onto other images.

Is the word "images" interchangeable with "videos"?

Another article[1] clarifies:

> In the videos, the victim's bikini is digitally removed and overlaid with skin-toned bars creating what Weintraub described as Barbie doll-like effect.

[0] https://www.inquirer.com/news/bucks-county-raffaela-spone-cy...

[1] https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/03/13/cheer-mom-d...

>the victim's bikini is digitally removed and overlaid with skin-toned bars creating what Weintraub described as Barbie doll-like effect

I remember seeing something similar years ago on 4chan. People used to overlay bikini pictures with a sort of bubbly pattern, with the blurry space inbetween the bubbles seemingly incidentally only just covering any items of clothing. The technique produced some quite convincing fake nude pictures.

aka "Mormon Porn".

I was quite surprised how much it changed a photo to put the circles/bubbles only where flesh was showing.


This sounds more like photoshop and less like deepfake despite the article title.

Enough AI hype and we'll hear sentence like this: "it seems he actually used 'photoshop', an obscure tool allowing the user to manually create deepfakes"

That said, the minimal skill and the 30-60 minutes required probably has been a barrier to malicious photoshopping in the past and so a deepfake site might still serve to propagate nasty schemes like this.

that was my impression as well.

From the last time this was posted[0] it seems as though these were photoshops, not deepfakes.

[0]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26447471

The issue here is the increasingly widespread phenomenon of using fake images to blackmail/defame innocent people, not whether it's a 'deepfake' or photoshop. It's perplexing to me that so many people are seizing on the least interesting aspect of the story.

I think it is you missing the most interesting aspect. It's very interesting to know if deepfake has gotten to the stage of mass adoption such that your typical suburban soccer mom (presumably with low tech skills) can easily create convincing fakes about as easily as manipulating an image with photoshop. That would be quite terrifying with many social implications

You could say the same thing about photoshop itself. This is to mistake the leaves for the trees.

Yes but the question is can we now not trust videos too? (Of course that was already answered with the first deepfake but soccer-mom deepfakes would be a whole other level of "videos can't be trusted".

"Spone last year created the doctored images of at least three members"

That screams to me of bad photoshops. There's no reason to deepfake a bad photoshop.

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