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The title and text, etc. are all directly responsive to the linked contemporary WHT thread where someone asked about a 64mb plan on this specific service, and if it would be enough for 18 static sites. The WHT commentators all said no.

I'd be inclined to believe it is not spam. Mainly because sites designed as hosts for ad-articles/spam don't tend to build up communities or stick around this long (this article is over 2 years old).

But also because the site covers multiple providers, not just this one, sometimes favourably, sometimes not, always without any real benefits to the owner. It does provide a (presumably no longer valid) referral code for the particular service discussed in this one article, but it's an extra click away from this page, and the site goes to very large pains to point out it is a referral code: http://www.lowendbox.com/blog/vpslink-february-sale-and-10-o...

Also, to my knowledge, that is the only time this site has ever used any sort of referral code, and it was fully highlighted and explained. It also wasn't an affiliate code, it could only have been used to cover the site's hosting fees with a service the site owner had been using for the last 5 years.

Basically, it doesn't smell like spam to me. But, I have been enjoying the site for a number of months before it appeared here, so I'm less suspicious.

@jack12 Fair- enough. Though, it still doesnt negate the end-effect; and, the rising trend of flamebait titles on HN, and in fact has been discussed continuously ~and~ on nearly daily basis.

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