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$7/month for 1GB is beyond just oversold -- at that price, it's probably an outright scam -- e.g, the server was stolen, your memory is all swapped out, /proc/meminfo is lying to you, or something of the sort. prgmr.com is one of the cheapest VPS providers I've ever seen, and $7/mo only gets you ~192 MB with them. While I'm sure they do leave some room for profit, it beggars disbelief that anyone can provide actual service at a third of their (already low) prices.

I have had my share of cheap VPS's and in my experience you can find good value at $7/box. Rule of thumb is to go with Xen PV and to always pay monthly. There are some exceptions. For example BuyVM has a $15/year offer for 128 MB that is not oversold.

Not only are they oversold to the extreme, but majority of them only offer OpenVZ. As opposed to prgmr's pure Xen approach.

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