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Making $378k a year as a Fiverr freelance writer [video] (youtube.com)
9 points by savrajsingh 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Her secret? She is lying.

In all honesty, This sounds like an ad for fiverr. Get rich with a 40 hour work week by doing something anybody can.

Indeed. This is the trick played by all platforms. Show one or a few good examples of someone who made it, then pretend that everybody can make the same money on your platform.

If it was possible for people to make this money, the platform would advertise with "N people make more than $X on our platform!" But they don't, so the conclusion is that the story is fake.

If N is small enough, it makes little sense for the platform to advertise with it. That doesn't mean the N people are lying.

Yes, so "fake" in the sense that you shouldn't expect an outcome like this when joining the platform.

If you watch the video, you see that she was selected to become part of a special group inside Fiverr. So don't be surprised if this entire video is part of a special marketing campaign.

Doesn't make sense, to be honest. If you're that good, you have your own network, right? Why would you need someone else's platform?

How do you magically spawn a network when starting out freelance from a random corporate job? Using a platform sounds like one option to get to the point of having a network.

She is self marketing herself as money making guru. Have a look at her Instagram. It's full of online courses.

If you're THAT good, why do you need an incubator? If you're that good, why does an author need a publisher? Or why does an actor need an agent? Etc...

She can't make this every year. Nothing is guaranteed especially in Freelance.

Kind of sad that this is the first comment. Putting someone down. Whatever makes you sleep at night I guess...

I didn't put her down but she probably will or had put more people down.

She looks like a Fraud to me and that's why I said it.

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