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Has any VPS provider thought of building customized Linux distributions specifically to reduce the memory footprint, preconfigured with lightttpd/nginx, php, and mysql, all with pre-configured configuration settings?

I find that most VPS hosts just install a standard distribution and expect the customer to do all the work to reduce the memory footprint, or they install memory hogging Apache + Plesk control panel configurations that are hard to change.

I think one of these providers could make a great offering by having this type of small VPS all pre-configured and ready to run as soon as it's provisioned.

I believe that Virtualmin (a YC startup) is currently building[1] a control panel with the ability to configure a low-memory setup.

1. http://www.virtualmin.com/node/11831#comment-51928

http://vps.net does this (I highly recommend them)

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