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I didn't say it was hard. I said it was tedious.

Also, I'm working on a script to handle the DNS zones for me.

Yeah, we worked on one of those, too. We called it Webmin (literally, Webmin began as a simple tool for managing and delegating management of DNS records about 14 years ago). And, then we worked on a script to manage virtual hosts, mailboxes, databases, web applications, LDAP, DNS slaves, SVN and git, awstats and Webalizer, resource usage data collection and reporting, user management and delegation to untrusted users, virus and AV scanning, Greylisting, SPF record management, DKIM key management, automated backup and restoration of virtual hosts and all associated data, etc. We called that script (or huge pile of scripts as the case may be) Virtualmin.

Again, I encourage you to work in whatever way you are most comfortable and productive. I manage a few dozen websites, and find having tools to automate much of that process is valuable for me. Millions of users seem to agree that Webmin and/or Virtualmin removes tedium for them, as well. And, I'm sure the same can be said of cPanel users.

Incompetence is not the only reason someone would do something differently than you. Different requirements breed different solutions.

webmin uses more ram than nginx (my webserver) does on my VPS.

Webmin uses ~11MB on a 32 bit system. It used to require an additional ~11MB for the data gathering cron jobs, backup cron jobs, etc. but now it runs most of those tasks within the Webmin application service process and so only increases usage slightly during those tasks.

If that's too much, you don't need to use it. (You could shut it down when you're not using it, though it loses a lot of its utility when it can't communicate with your slave DNS servers, keep resource usage data, etc.)

Virtualmin is a more complicated beast, and can take quite a bit more memory, if caching is enabled, but that is optional, and when disabled it takes the same ~11MB as Webmin.

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