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This just got pushed literally today as I gave a presentation on it at CappCon, wasn't expecting it to get posted here, README and so forth are coming.

EDIT: OK, there is a README up, but again, this is not officially "launched" or anything, I was planning on putting the docs and website together this week, so check back later.

Sorry for the pre-announce, then! I was intrigued by the tweets of others at CappCon, and this is the first I've ever heard of a PEG... it felt like something others on HN would like to know about. I'm very interested in language.js and Obj-J 2.0, and look forward to hearing more about both.

Nice. Look forward to hearing more. Currently part of a team that is using node.js with peg.js (http://pegjs.majda.cz/documentation) for a service that defines a grammar for a query language, which is translated into one or more internal service API calls for an enterprise backend. Needs to handle hundreds of req/s, so any performance improvements over peg.js will definitely make your solution more appealing as well.

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