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Just wait until there are several active WP connections and then there is a cache miss.

WordPress can sometimes use 32M to build a page.

That kind of setup is only useful where most of your visitors are NOT logged in, since logged in users often cause cache-misses.

The headline says "static sites". That means WordPress isn't being used.

Yes, but beyond the headline is the article :)

It actually ends with MySQL + Nginx + PHP + WordPress all running in addition to the 18 static sites, which does seem a bit unlikely to hold up very well, even if the setup shown does leave the VPS with 48MB free.

But the article talks about installing WordPress. So the confusion is understandable.

"Kinda." The article says it might be possible to take it one step further to run a low volume wordpress/basic PHP install.

It does but at the end he also talks about running 2 or 3 wordpress sites on such a box.

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