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Permanent home for Les Paul Google Logo (google.com)
161 points by krishna2 on June 11, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments

It's sort of fun to scroll through historical logos too... http://www.google.com/logos/

The Met in NYC has an amazing guitar exhibit (until July 4, 2011).

Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsmen from Italy to New York


You can also play all 10 notes at once: hold down keys 1-0. You'll notice a nice 'bug' if you hold.

Here's a common progression. Hold down all the notes then move to the next chord in whatever rhythm you like:

qeti ryi tuo qeti

If you start off using your left hand for 'qe' and your right for 'ti' you'll find you can move through the progression easily.

A messy example (I just started playing around): http://goo.gl/doodle/e4PVd

(Oh, and turn off quickfind in Firefox or use another browser, annoying as hell).

It's amazing how far the logos have evolved. I used to work with the original doodler of the logos and I always thought his work was great, but the dedicated doodle team lead by Ryan and under Marissa's wing have made them 10x better. Designing logos that engage the audience is brilliant. Kudos to the new doodle team.

Nice. I thought this was a fun little distraction. I'm glad they keep their past logo art available.

First half of the 'Ripple' (Grateful Dead) riff:


Nice job! I love that song.

Weezer - In the Garage








Symphony No. 8 of Beethoven (use keyboard numbers):

















This got me curious: what does pi sound like? And the answer is that it's actually surprisingly tonal. The opening "31415" firmly establishes the key, and thereafter there's sonorous intervals to keep everything fairly well-behaved; the few out-of-place notes can be dealt with by an appropriate sort of rhythym. If you're gonna try it I recommend it as far as:


So that you get a nice 5-1 ending.

Really cool concept. :)

Doesn't every sequence of numbers sound fairly tonal on the Les Paul logo though, since it's restricted to diatonic pitches?


And if you assigned the numbers to the blues scale degrees, it would sound very bluesy. ;-)

Pi actually reminds me a bit of "Nimrod" from Elgar's Enigma variations. The opening is only one note off, and then many of the later sequences in pi have the same large jumps that Nimrod does.


Can you post a recording to your interpretation of that? Press the red "record button" and you will get a link like this:


It doesn't seem to make any sound on FireFox 4 and IE9.

Just a hint, on Chrome it's using Flash to play sound.

It's strange but it does not work on Chrome but is fine on Safari for me- I have Flash turned off on both.

It works on my FF4 ... Yeah it is using flash.

Do you have flash blocked?

FireFox 5 seems to work...

Don't forget noscript.

So google doesn't tell me...but who or what is Les Paul?

? Clicking on the logo takes you to the results page for the query "Les Paul", the 1st result is Wikipedia, which, if you read it, should answer your question..

yeah, I didn't expect to get downvoted for that. I wasn't trolling. I was puzzled by this too, since when I searched for les paul,

I only got two results: one for the logo, and one for the list of logos.

Then you did it wrong--Les Paul has 66,900,000 results for a Google search. He's world famous.

Thanks. One of the only times le goog has failed me. I should have just went to wikipedia, or maybe wolfram

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