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Beatquest.fm - node.js music quiz
30 points by sgehlich on June 10, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments
I'm happy to announce that I finished a small node.js experiment using socket.io and redis.

beatquest.fm is a small and simple music quiz which uses the itunes preview files. guess the artist / title and earn points for proving your music knowledge.

have fun playing the game. for song suggestions please use the chat, I will create a suggestion form later. :)

This is really well done, design is really nice, everything works pretty flawlessly for me, and its quite addictive

As much node hate that is going around, stuff like this is exactly why it is getting hype, yes this was possible before node, but it was hard enough to not bother for fun experiments like this.

Wow, this is one of the most fun games I've seen in a while online. One I'm sending to my friends.

Plus I'm discovering all sorts of new music that I like.

As a small recommendation, monetize it by affiliate links to the iTunes Music Store. Ticketmaster too if you can.

Is it possible for artists who are on iTunes to request to be added to the list?

Since you're already using iTunes preview files, any chance you can make the songs in the list clickable to bring me to the iTunes store? Heard a few songs I want to buy.

It just went down for a minute or two around 9:15 EST?

I'm crashing it with his permission :D

yup testing around, bashing the server and fixing bugs... still beta but works quite good right now :)

When i try to join a game i always come back to the front page asking me for a name.

EDIT : ok works fine under chrome. Bugs with Firefox 4.0.1 under linux

Same issue for me with Chrome

koopajah: I've heard about this issue before but dunno why this happens yet. Maybe some socket.io issues, I'll investigate later

works fine in Safari. I have all sorts of issues with Chrome using extensions that block normal stuff.

Really well executed. Fun to play, works great, well done. A killer feature for an app like this comes to mind; genre/artist specific games : )

It would be cool if as the time was ticking down you get little clues like, album name, year released, band starts with...

Totally wasted half my morning. Well done!

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