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Damn son, I checked out your websites etc. Amazing portfolio. How does one become a wonderchild like you? I mean I'm most likely older than you but perhaps my future children have a small chance ^^

I’m truly flattered by the moniker of wonderchild :D, though I’m afraid to say I don’t really have any idea how I got here myself. My life has played itself out in the strangest and most wonderful ways, though not without some... not so great things along the way. In some sense I feel my life is analogous to that Daoist Chinese parable “塞翁失馬,焉知非福” [0]. Good creates bad, bad creates good, and so on.

I failed classes because I was busy building an app people said was worthless, and had to transfer schools because of it. That app then won me 2nd place in the national science fair and an asteroid named after me and some $15,000 in prizes. Then, after I won that science fair and experienced great success with it, I came home and fell into a terrible bought of major depression and anxiety. Being depressed and holed up in my room I did nothing but study cryptography and blockchains and buy cryptocurrencies. I flunked more classes, but I tested out of high school a few days after I turned 16. Then I went to work at a battery cooling startup making parts for the Mars Rover, which I promptly got fired from. But by then I had Bitcoin money and I went traveling with it. I bounced for a year around Europe, where I first had the idea for Assembl (which was just acquired). Somehow I ended up at the door of a Swiss VC and pitched them on the idea, and so the story continues.

I could go on. These oscillations have been pretty constant throughout my life. As I’ve begun to understand the pattern, I’ve found better ways of surfing these waves.

[0]: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_old_man_lost_his_horse

I only have one regret in life; not buying Bitcoin early :P I wish you the best of luck my friend. Hope to see your name many times. Continue going out in the world and be a champion!

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