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Seen many of these on HN recently - decision paralysis

That's why with counter you can get started in like 10 seconds. And permanently delete your data via the GUI if you don't like it :-)

Have you considered applying to YC? Email hn@ycombinator.com if you'd like some tips or feedback with that. (Same offer goes for anybody! Just please realize that I can't always reply quickly and sometimes take embarrassingly forever.)

Well, people that know me know that I am not arrogant but actually I'd like to counter (pun intended) that offer. My Co-Founder and me want to work one year full time on the project. Here is our mail: hey@counter.dev

Sorry, but I'm not understanding this.

this entire chain looks like two bots in conversation

Can't speak for the OC, but I'd say decision paralysis for these sorts of utilities is more about "will I regret having used this after a year vs something else" and less about "can I dump this after trying it for a week".

Competition is great, but people are people and want to know they're making a good longer term decision, which isn't always clear in the short term.

This is just something you can't help with outside of provide information, especially since use cases and desires of users of these services change over time.

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