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Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++ Coding Standards [pdf] (stroustrup.com)
27 points by iamthemalto 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Is anyone aware of an open-sourced codebase that uses a highly restrictive standard like this? Probably more like likely just plain MISRA, since anything developed by Lockheed using this doc would be classified I'm sure.

I've seen standards like this shared a few times, but never seen the code they actually result in.

Is there something similar for modern C++? This predates C++11.


It is a very, very different language, today, than when this was composed.

Definitely worth noting the year, but I’d be fairly surprised if the standards for real-time avionics software changed much since then. I’d guess they still stick to a small subset of the Goliath that is C++

Most of the Goliath results in faster, safer, more reliable code. By design.

Avoiding new features means slower, unsafe, less reliable code. At the extremum, in this direction, is the C subset that (e.g.) Linux and BSD kernels wallow in.

The LM Goliath needs to put up actual performance figures under scientificly rigorous scrutiny for comparison to substantiate those claims against enthusiast driven technology (not marketing, PR) or shutup. And, factor in dollars a bang for every block of technical excellence performing in the source code.

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