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Also, if you feel stuck, please let me help you customize your webpage (live chat, comment on HN, email at atatomir@linkwall.me). I want to learn from your interaction with the website and build what you need.

Thank your for your time!

> I want to learn from your interaction with the website and build what you need.

The first thing I looked for was an example of what it looks like, and one of the first things I found was a button that let me look at exactly that. Very nice!

Beyond that, I can only echo what someone else already said, that it looks nice and polished.

I did not create an account myself, as I presently am not in the need of collecting links in this way myself. But I appreciate it when for example companies have a link in their Instagram bio to a page like this where I can find their YouTube channel etc. And from what I saw on your site it looks good.

A couple of things I immediately wonder/think of though is

1. Do you have a business model for it?

2. If these kinds of pages continue to be popular, we might expect that Instagram and others implement this in kind of thing in their apps directly. Just like how they added Stories (Instagram and YouTube copying Snapchat) and Reels/Shorts (Instagram and YouTube copying TikTok).

Thank you for your feedback!

This product should and will be free forever. However, for professionals wanting to customize their page more, removing the LinkWall branding and streaming from multiple accounts, there will be a small monthly fee. In the meanwhile, all available features will be accessible at no cost.

Your question about copying is really interesting, and not limited to thi particular product. Do you think that it should be forbidden in some way or that it is a normal evolution for giants as Instagram, Youtube, TikTok?

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