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Show HN: LinkWall – Your Landing Page Linked to Social Activity (linkwall.me)
58 points by atatomir 65 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

Hello everyone!

The idea of LinkWall (https://linkwall.me) came when one of my friends asked me to build a social media aggregator for his webpage. I often have to check multiple social accounts of the same person to keep updated on its latest posts. Therefore, I decided to build a platform where people create their webpage, add links to their favourite content, and stream their social activity automatically.

You can embed tweets for now, but Facebook and Instagram posts will be available soon. In the meanwhile, you can link to any content from your LinkWall, including all your social accounts, blog links, songs, etc. Just create a new button that leads to what your followers need to see. Analytics will give you insights into how people discover your content.

I plan to add more widgets in the following weeks. Youtube, HN and GitHub integrations are on my list, but I would love to hear what else you want to display. Your feedback and suggestions will shape this project to cover all you need to build an amazing personal webpage from scratch in just a few minutes. There should be only one link to someone's content, not 10!

Please look at the example page (https://linkwall.me/example) to see what you can build, and give it a try. Whether you like or dislike it, contact me in the live chat (or comment here) and let me know how to improve LinkWall for you. I can't wait to see what you think!

If you feel like sharing your webpage with others, I am happy to change the example page with yours for some time. :)

Seems polished, mate. There are quite a few options in this space. So prepare for serious competition (e.g. Linktree).

Also, you can verify it on SaaSHub https://www.saashub.com/linkwall

Thank you! I will try to include features that most of those alternatives don't have, and iterate as fast as possible until all users have all the widgets they need.

Is it only for my content? Can I show retweets/reblogs/interesting articles I run across?

I'd love to see a custom domain option so I can use it as a personal blog itself.

For now, you can show only your tweets automatically. I plan to add custom posts as widgets soon.

Does this fetch it all clientside from the different services, or does it actually mirror the content from corporate censorship social/ad networks to one's own website?

That is to say: does it keep your content up on your own site as a mirror when the big five suspend your account for wrongthink or an errant nipple?

All the content is stored in a database separate from the social platform. It is fetched and updated periodically. You can choose what content to hide (by default, all non-public/suspended content is not displayed).

Also, if you feel stuck, please let me help you customize your webpage (live chat, comment on HN, email at atatomir@linkwall.me). I want to learn from your interaction with the website and build what you need.

Thank your for your time!

> I want to learn from your interaction with the website and build what you need.

The first thing I looked for was an example of what it looks like, and one of the first things I found was a button that let me look at exactly that. Very nice!

Beyond that, I can only echo what someone else already said, that it looks nice and polished.

I did not create an account myself, as I presently am not in the need of collecting links in this way myself. But I appreciate it when for example companies have a link in their Instagram bio to a page like this where I can find their YouTube channel etc. And from what I saw on your site it looks good.

A couple of things I immediately wonder/think of though is

1. Do you have a business model for it?

2. If these kinds of pages continue to be popular, we might expect that Instagram and others implement this in kind of thing in their apps directly. Just like how they added Stories (Instagram and YouTube copying Snapchat) and Reels/Shorts (Instagram and YouTube copying TikTok).

Thank you for your feedback!

This product should and will be free forever. However, for professionals wanting to customize their page more, removing the LinkWall branding and streaming from multiple accounts, there will be a small monthly fee. In the meanwhile, all available features will be accessible at no cost.

Your question about copying is really interesting, and not limited to thi particular product. Do you think that it should be forbidden in some way or that it is a normal evolution for giants as Instagram, Youtube, TikTok?

Holy damn! I built the exact same thing at a hackathon and was working on the exact same things on which you are working.

Great job on your work. If anyone's interested to look at my project, take a look here


It also has video demo in the readme

Nice work! What do you think about LinkWall? Do you have any suggestions?

I really liked how you have built this. This is how very similar to how I wanted to build my project. So in a way you are working as me :D

Really nice work! Let me know if you need any help :)

Thanks a lot! I will let you know if I need some help with the platform.

Looks good for a LinkTree clone.

Could you tell me why I should switch to your service? Do you have a feature comparison with the incumbent?


Thanks for your question. As this is not a full service right now, there are still a few features to add to match the entire set of LinkTree's options. That main advantage in using LinkWall compared to alternatives is the automatic fetching of your content. Your followers need to visit only one page to see your latests posts, and then browse on those social platforms.

Good idea. What are your ideas for how to handle other social network link sites? For example, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn?

You can add social links right now with your custom icon, text and link (in the custom social icons section). Regarding automatic streaming, I plan to add Facebook and Instagram first, then continue with other social platforms. Someone suggested Medium so I will have a look at their API.

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