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Node.js is neat, and I have contributed some things to the community, but it has a long way to go honestly if it's to be taken seriously in the performance and infrastructure realm. Articles like this don't help it's image either. It's as if a naive PHP developer suddenly discovered long-running processes, eliciting a chorus of rolling eyes from those who've written server software in the last 30 years.

Ryan and team are talented people, but they're mostly dependent on the V8 team, which is focused on building a JavaScript interpreter for a browser. Node.js/V8 has come tremendously far in the last 18 months, but still hits some particularly nasty walls when it comes to massive concurrency and managing big pools of memory in non-trivial applications. It will take some serious time for these challenges to be overcome. The JVM, Erlang/OTP, and C are particularly good platforms for this type of software because they're mature and well tested in these environments.

I really hope for the sake of the project that the hype surrounding Node.js blows over and the hipster crowd moves on.

The PHP community is just now discovering long-running processes. Yesterday we made TYPO3 run on AppServer-in-PHP, and this simple setup change gave a 2-4x performance boost depending on complexity of request

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