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This is such a great example of excess.

iPad 2: 500$+ Smart Cover: 40$ Evernote Peek: 0$.


Pack of index cards: 2$

Let me guess, you wear one of those giant trenchcoats in which you keep a film camera, a TV, a travel Scrabble kit, a rolodex, a piano, a homing pigeon, an encyclopedia, a barometer, a thermometer, a bubble level, a compass, a paintbrush and paints, an ocarina, a walkie-talkie, and of course, a pack of flashcards =)

An ocarina? Really?

There's an app for that.™ http://ocarina.smule.com/

now I find myself needing an ocarnia .... thanks

I carry two in case the first breaks.

Absolutely :)

Calculator: $5 Address book: $3 Notepad: $2 Camera: $40 ...

How is creating a useful application for an expensive device that replaces an inferior took an example of excess? It's not really like people buy iPads simply to replace a pack of notecards and nothing else.

What you really want is Anki for iPad, which is a GOOD flash card program that uses modern neuroscience to improve your learning. And it's free.

Also doesn't force you to lift up a magnet in meat space to use it.

How is it that in all the years of public schools and university throwing flash cards at us that I have never, until this thread, heard of spaced repetition systems? I looked up the program you recommended and will try it out for sure, but here's my questions for you: Is this something that you do everyday to maintain, how many subjects do you use this system on at one time and how long each day do you spend total doing this? Thanks for the info and recommendation - looking forward to using it.

Everything that I memorize I put in there. Makes it way easier. When I go to a conference or something and take notes, I put the key points into Anki so i won't forget.

If you do it every day you'll get amazing results, however I'm not that dedicated, but do it multiple times per week anyway.

Basically it makes my life a lot easier to have certain things memorized, and Anki makes memorizing stuff easier.

A lot of people (esp nerds) believe it is a sign of weakness to use flash cards. It's their loss.

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