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Palo Alto and Mountain View have real places; the rest is pretty much all miserable sprawl. I miss working in downtown Palo Alto.

Cupertino "downtown" is a joke (I used to work there)... it's basically the intersection of two large streets (Stevens Creek at De Anza).

Likewise Sunnyvale and Santa Clara are quite anemic, but Los Gatos, Saratoga and even Los Altos aren't bad. MV and PA are great places to dine.

Cupertino is the only town I've worked in that never had a downtown.

Cupertino did have a downtown along Stevens Creek and De Anza, but the area changed significantly in the 1950s and 60s when streets were widened and DeAnza College was built. Cupertino certainly doesn't have much of a downtown now.

Santa Clara has a downtown?

Sunnyvale didn't really until they started building a clone of Santana Row that went belly up with the housing crash. Well I guess Historic Murphy Avenue sort of counted.

Apple should just make an underground Cupertino downtown at that site.

As a former Apple employee I cannot disagree more. Everyone at the mothership needs more sunlight, not less.

I can't even remember how many days I got to work when the sun was coming up and left as it was setting, or after it set. It was like a perpetual winter.

Well, that's probably why this building is made with glass all over. Sunlight for everyone.

San Mateo and Burlingame aren't too bad, and San Carlos has a surprisingly good downtown.

Oh, I wasn't thinking of places that far north as part of Silicon Valley. Didn't mean to exclude them.

That's sad to hear. I really love living in a Place.

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