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OmniSci launches free edition of platform for interactive visual analytics (omnisci.com)
34 points by domoritz 72 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

The rendering feature of Immerse and the level of interactivity of Immerse is really amazing

Does omnisci require GPUs? Would it support consumer grade hardware like an RTX 3080?

OmniSci can run on any Nvidia GPU with sufficient RAM (we'd generally recommend >= 8GB), including a 3080. (I have two 3090s myself!) It also can run purely (and performantly) on CPU, and with the Intel's help we're further optimizing our capabilities on X86. Note however that currently you can't use our rendering engine without a GPU, however there is some initial support to run on CPU and render on an Nvidia GPU if you're interested, and soon enough we hope to support AMD and Intel integrated/discrete GPUs for rendering as well.

How's this rendering different from deck.gl?

GPU databases are amazing

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