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Show HN: Eraser — Excalidraw-based visual meeting canvas (tryeraser.com)
24 points by shinkim0914 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Hi HN,

This is Shin and I'm working on Eraser.

Visual ideation and brainstorming is tough via Zoom. During WFH, I wished there was a lightweight whiteboard that didn't have 30 buttons on it (looking at you, Miro). For things like visualizing half-formed ideas, on-the-fly architecture discussions, and sketching lo-fi wireframes.

Eraser is a canvas for visual collaboration. It's built on Excalidraw – the awesome open-source drawing tool with a hand-drawn feel. On top of it, we've added a file system, team-based access control, as well as a Quill-based text editor for meeting agendas and notes.

Here's the app (https://www.tryeraser.com) and the marketing website for use case inspirations (https://www.tryeraser.com/home).

It's still very early, but would love your feedback on Eraser!

This looks awesome, definitely going to give this a try!

Thank you, let me know how it goes :)

This is really really good stuff just when i was looking for one.

Timing is everything :) Would appreciate feedback!

Wow, it looks great! :)

Thank you!!

This looks awesome!

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