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Cfx.re | Remote-only | Full-time & part-time | Software Engineers | Open source | https://cfx.re

We are the developers of FiveM and RedM, creating the next generation of online multiplayer with a unique game modification framework. Cfx.re enables gamers to play multiplayer on fully customized dedicated servers where creators can develop their own game-mode, build custom worlds, and much more in a variety of scripting languages. With years of extensive research, our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience within the game industry. Topping the Steam player charts with over 150k concurrent players, we work on one of the largest active game modifications around.

Cfx.re is looking for passionate people with an affinity for games. You will join a remote-only team with developers from all over the world, and will have a highly flexible work schedule. With multiple roles available, we are looking for highly-motivated people who want to help us create and innovate. Some of our open roles:

  - Software Engineer, game development (C++, C#, Lua, JavaScript)
  - Software Engineer, web development (Kubernetes, C#, PHP, JavaScript)
Interested? Contact me at technetium@fivem.net

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