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Any member of the public can visit a local university or large public library and get access to any book or journal article they desire.

I think it's a bit sad that I have to drive all the way from Buenos Aires to Texas if I want to read a journal from an university in the US, even if it wasn't my tax money that paid for it. Specially considering how positive and easy it would be to make this knowledge publicly available.

There's often creative ways around this. For one, emailing the authors of an article and asking for a copy, checking arxiv, emailing a journal and asking for a copy (yes, sometimes they will give you a copy for free) and a bunch of other things.

When I was doing more research I did this occasionally and it worked out good, especially for newer papers.

The original point still stands - it's 50 times easier to click on a wikipedia link. At least.

It's easier to take a shit on a sidewalk when you are outside instead of using a toilet too.

Except in this case, thanks to DRM, obfuscation, "secret-club-ism" and some generally really ugly examples of rent-seeking, you're the sidewalk.

Note to self: Stop posting on websites drunk

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