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Show HN: How we almost closed project, but stay gathered and made a pivot
1 point by elpuffru 43 days ago | hide | past | favorite
Heya`ll. It is my message to all Founders.

Time flies fast. 1 year have passed when in December 2019 when a team of 10 IndieHackers invented and launched a first MetaSurvey — a Tinder-style swipe surveys. A small product to help young Founders & Makers reduce churn and grow their products.

Sadly, like most of startups, we encountered many obstacles and almost closed the project. Many times MetaSurvey was on the brink of extinction and to July 2020 only 2 of us left. But we survived

Now we are ready to present MetaSurvey 2! Fully remastered, re-coded and re-designed. New Admin panel, Survey builder, Survey design, Core, and tonns of new under the hood!

Never quit your dreams and keep making.

Whats new in MetaSurvey 2: modern Survey Builder, Power Analytics, 7 New Question types, Templates, Skip logic, Redo logic, Redirect to URL, Data Export (CSV), Custom branding, Custom goodbye, Help tooltips, perfect Mobile adapted Surveys.

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