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Show HN: Plain Text Sports: live sports games, play-by-play, and boxscores, fast (plaintextsports.com)
9 points by CodeIsTheEnd 40 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Hey, HN!

I got sick of how slow ESPN and nba.com are to load on mobile, so I made a site that shows sports scores (NBA and NHL for now), in plain text, as a single HTML file, with no tracking or other asynchronous requests.

The home page is about ~3-4 kb compressed, and pages for completed NBA games, even with detailed play-by-play data, are only around ~11-12 kb.

I'm still working on adding support for individual game pages for the NHL, and I want to add pages for individual teams (so you can see their recent and upcoming games), and also add support for viewing past or future days' games. Once the baseball season starts, I'll build support for that too!

It's become my daily go-to for sports scores, and everyone I've shown it to has appreciated the speed and simplicity. Hope you enjoy it!

It's more of a problem with college sports, but I'd also love the ability to favorite teams so their games are always at the top.

this is supercool. kudos! hopefully we start seeing more like this.

This is awesome! I hate scrolling, I hate autoplay videos. I love scores. This is might as well be my homepage, single kilobytes.

Super cool. You should add college basketball ASAP - it's March!

I’ve become a fan of text-only sites and looking for a good sports one. This is great!

Do you plan to make it open-source?

Goddam this is actually awesome. Been looking for something like this the ESPN app is sooooo slow

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