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Covid-related hunger could kill more people than the virus – UN Global Compact (unglobalcompact.org)
15 points by mrfusion 43 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

This is lockdown-related hunger. Hundreds of millions of healthy young people at low risk from Covid had their basic liberties infringed to slow the spread of the virus, and the result is millions of young people dying due to poverty.

This is not about people under lockdowns dying but the people who will die because of Covid's long term disruption in supply chains on those already in poverty.

No, it's about people dying as as result of our response to Covid (that is, lockdowns), and not of the disease itself.

You’re not wrong. Not sure why you got downvoted.

People are indoctrinated to react aggressively to any perceived right-wing advocacy.

No, just egoistic world views. I’ve seen the same claims from idiots on the left as much as the right, especially when their fortune is in danger.

Even when I point out how people are dying due to lockdowns, you suspect I'm espousing a right-wing worldview that is motivated by my own interests, since a perception has been created that opposing the establishment's support for lockdowns is a right wing position, and as a corollary, that its promotion is self-serving.

And this reflexive hostility to the perceived right is driven just as much by ego as any other.

I’ve seen statistics that show that suicide rate has not gone up during this year of pandemic lockdowns. I’m not saying things aren’t bad.

It’s sad all this got partisan.

You see this kind of partisanship a lot on Reddit. It's always disappointing seeing how much of it now gets to HN.

FYI: This article was likely published in summer 2020.

So we should know now how it has turned out.

In a population of 7B people, at steady state, on the order of 100M die every day. (With the population growing fast, the number is probably smaller.) At +300K/day, that is an extra 100M deaths in a year, or >2x. I think we would have heard about that, even in the US where people are routinely in the dark about foreign events.

"die every year" not day.

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