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Show HN: Tutorpass – Create online courses and build a learning community
2 points by tutorpass 44 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
I am working on an course creator and community management platform called Tutorpass.

I'm taking up beta sign-ups at https://www.tutorpass.io/. You can also follow me at https://twitter.com/jeansymolanza/status/1344617212699664387, where I am building the platform in public. Please follow me if you're interesting in following my progress or sign-up to the waitlist.

The idea came when I started thinking about the course creator ecosystem, and how their needs weren't being met. There are 4 types of people who you find in this space:

1. People who have the potential to create learning content, but don't know how: They often have deep insights in a particular field and share it spontaneously in passing. They need somewhere to experiment to put together learning content.

2. People who create learning content but don't monetise it: They need somewhere where they can easily migrate their content to. They need integration with payment channels to monetise their learning content. They need a framework for monetising followers.

3. People who create learning content but don't monetise it indirectly: They have created complementary services or products around their content. The hook to all these products and services is their learning content. As with the people in the previous cohort, they need somewhere to set up shop.

4. People who create learning content and monetise it directly: These are power users who are extremely knowledgeable about course creation. They need deeper integration with external platforms, along with better workflows.

I spoke to 4 people in each cohort (16 in total) to get more information about them. I then created an initial feature set for the Tutorpass MVP doing this.

The best way to think of Tutorpass is a combination of Circle and Thinkific/Teachable. I am looking to build an all-in-one platform that will allow anyone to create, build, discover and share better learning-teaching experiences.

Look forward to hearing any feedback.

Please submit it as 'Show HN' when ready to be tried out. Currently it's a landing/waiting page https://news.ycombinator.com/showhn.html

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