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Show HN: Fable – Spec as the Source of Truth
2 points by addorai 45 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Hi HN! We're Aravindh and Alex of Fable. We're excited to launch the Fable Google Docs Add On on Hacker News (https://tryfable.com/docs-add-on).

I've been a product manager at large companies and startups, and at every single place there was always confusion around what the source of truth was. Is it the Google Docs spec? Is it the Jira ticket? What about that one decision we made in the hallway?

We're building Fable to help solve for this. We're starting off with an add on for Google Docs that syncs with Jira. PMs can tap a button to turn user stories in Docs into Jira tickets. If changes are made to the Jira tickets, we'll pull that back into the spec as well.

In terms of what's next - we're building a web app that provides a richer experience to create specs (embedding user data, richer user stories, etc) and a quick way to capture & communicate all the decisions that are made while you're building the spec.

Would love to hear your feedback in the comments - looking forward to the discussion!

We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can make the Fable add on better - it syncs user stories in your Google Doc spec with Jira.

You can check it out here: https://www.tryfable.com/docs-add-on

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