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Show HN: Frictionless habit-tracking on iOS (pokeable from your text editor too) (xenodium.com)
25 points by xenodium 42 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

This app is wonderful! I’ve been using it to track a handful of habits for a couple of weeks now.

The fact that it’s leveraging Org mode on the backend is magic, I’ve been craving more mobile apps that let me throw unnecessary Emacs at them :-)

Just as an example:

  #+TITLE: My habits
  * TODO  Breakfast
  SCHEDULED: <2021-02-27 Sat 08:00 ++1d>
  :STYLE: habit
  :LAST_REPEAT: [2021-02-26 Fri 11:58]
  - State "DONE"        from "TODO"       [2021-02-26 Fri 11:58]
  - State "DONE"        from "TODO"       [2021-02-25 Thu 08:41]
Which reminds me, I should eat breakfast!

I have been playing with "Flat Habits" application and it is very promising. I discovered it from twitter and couldn't believe someone is working on it. I am looking forward to having it in the Apple Store

A fantastic start -- I am thrilled to see more org-oriented applications on iOS, and this one is particularly well-crafted.

As a regular user of org-mode, this app is great. Helps me take my org-habit on the the go on my iOS device. Thank you!

Great app, it has been fun to use.

Awesome app. Simple. Minimal. Effective.

Perfect app for me!

Awesome app!

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