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Ask HN: If you could only invest in 5 individual stocks, what would you pick?
7 points by acqbu 44 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

As a pure exercise and assume 5-10 year investment horizon. I would pick:

MSFT, TSLA, AMD/NVDA (any semi-conductor/chip makers), DIS, JNJ

Reason: * MSFT will win the cloud war. * TSLA doesn't even have real competitors. If Elon somehow merge TSLA and SpaceX, then it'll be the next multi-trillion dollar company * DIS, its content vault will be a force in streaming. I don't see how netflix can beat them. * JNJ, it's Johnson & Johnson. * AMD is the only one I have doubts. I think semiconductor/chips business will see a whole new demand in different industries. Whether AMD is capable of capturing that market is up in the air, but INTL definitely showed it lost its ways.

Alternative: Does anyone here actually invest like this currently? As in, a small number of different stocks as the main holding

Probably best to take this to an appropriate forum, like /r/investing or /r/stocks.


Five index funds.

They said individual stocks do while I like your answer it might go against what they wanted. I think non funds would be a more interesting answer.

Well then just go with stocks that own a variety of investments, like BAM.

Any specific ones?

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