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Show HN: NASA Mars 2021 as full-scale VR puzzles
6 points by juliendorra 40 days ago | hide | past | favorite
We built a VR game with giant 3D puzzles[0], and to celebrate the successful landing of NASA Perseverance rover on Mars, we just added an experimental mini-series of Mars 2021 puzzles:

- Perseverance rover at 1/3rd of the size

- Perseverance at full-scale. At full scale in VR, it's impressive! Bigger than I thought!

Screenshots for Perseverance VR puzzles: https://twitter.com/PecoPecoGame/status/1362880879966748679

- Ingenuity, the Mars Helicopter, at full scale. Again, full-scale in VR is a cool way to get a sense of the size of Ingenuity (spoiler: the body is smaller than what I expected, but the blades are huge comparatively! That's because the martian atmosphere is much less dense than the earth atmosphere.)

Screenshots for Ingenuity VR puzzle: https://twitter.com/PecoPecoGame/status/1365704324232454147

These are directly based on the official NASA models, so they have great accuracy.

There's one puzzle to play for each model, and you can cut your own puzzles in VR if you want.

The full-scale Perseverance puzzle has huge pieces! The wheels are enormous. It is also doubly experimental as you will need a really room-scale guardian to play. (or use vertical space!)

And the 1/3 scale Perseverance model is really nice to discover it from any angle.

The 54-piece puzzle that goes with the Ingenuity model is part easy, part quite hard! But I'm sure you'll do it if you like puzzles

[0] https://pecopecogame.com

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