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Hey folks! Four years ago as I was learning to code, I was frustrated about my lack of clarity about where to go and whom to learn from. With overwhelming career choices within tech and everchanging programming languages and frameworks, the first few months were painfully hard for me.

Six months ago I decided to revisit this problem again and came to r/learnprogramming to talk with folks to see if they still faced this problem. After talking to about 100+ people who were learning to code, and they very much did. To solve this, I decided to build a web-app to curate and share learning roadmaps where people who are new to coding can have more clarity regarding how to go about building their tech career and hopefully not face the problems which I did. You can also "pursue" which is basically forking a roadmap and make it your own to pursue it and build your own career goals and get weekly reminders to update and pursue your roadmaps.

I managed to get over 50 learning roadmaps on a variety of careers and programming languages which I gathered from my friends, network and the internet and it's only increasing by the day! If you want to give back to the community, feel free to build your own roadmap and share your journey with the people starting out!

I released it last-week on r/learnprogramming and it ended up getting 4000+ upvotes which further validated the need for the product. This is my first PH launch and I'd love your feedback and your criticism to know how I could make this better.

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