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Show HN: Simple decentralized web hosting on Peergos (peergos.org)
29 points by ianopolous 46 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Anyone familiar with the differences/pros/cons of this vs IPFS?

This is built on IPFS. Almost all of the data is stored in ipfs. All the data is stored in IPLD format. We encrypt all the data, and hide as much metadata as we can (file names, file sizes, directory topology, the social graph). For this web hosting application we publish a read capability into the website root directory, which is what the gateway reads.

We have a fast implementation of mutable pointers (similar to IPNS - we plan to back it up to actual IPNS) which is what facilitates the instant updates.

Hey this looks interesting... How appropriate would this set of technologies be if I wanted to store, retrieve, share EHRs (health records, PII, and similar data)?


Peergos more generally (not the linked public website hosting which is obviously public) is very well suited. Everything is encrypted and there is fine grained access control. Of course we haven't gone through any official certifications which are likely required, but it's designed to not reveal anything to the server, and we've been audited by Cure53.


Very interesting. How resistant would this be for hosting legal but controversial stuff? And what's to stop the peergos.me from dropping the said controversial subdomain?

Can this be used for dynamic content?

Peergos.me is just one public gateway, and yes it could block whatever it wants or be blocked by DNS, but anyone can run a gateway, locally or publicly. Ideally in long term, browsers end up supporting the protocol and then the gateways can be turned off.

It's static websites only at this point.

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