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Show HN: An online tool for creating user manuals and instructions (objects.to)
7 points by anotherspaces 49 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Hello HN! I’m currently working on an online tool to create instructions and user manuals for providing quality customer care. Will be happy to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Can we (B2C SaaS) use it for helpdesk docs?

Sure, you can organise all needed info into a single doc and send it out whenever there's any problem

doesn't Google Docs or Notion just solve this?

You can create instructions anywhere from Notes to Figma. It’s the matter of your convenience. Though, often such instructions are overloaded with information, and users aren’t ready to read large manuals to solve the "here and now" problem. Our goal is to make the format of the instructions in such a way that users quickly solve the problem and stay satisfied with the service or product.

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