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Ask HN: zGroups idea. Prevent personal data harvesting
2 points by nuker 51 days ago | hide | past | favorite
Name: zGroups

Goals: Prevent data personal data harvesting at large. Hide IP address, zero peers trust, unblockable, no servers needed.

Existing solutions: Tor - exit nodes blacklisted. VPN - trust a business with your payment info.

Proposal: An open source client, that distributes the zGroup's traffic between members. Everyone in a zGroup is an exit node. To fight off bad actors, any zGroup is invite only, community based, like some niche forum members. Anyone can create zGroup-id, but the more people in the zGroup the better is members privacy. A zGroup can be set to block certain traffic, policies are encoded in zGroup-id and enforced by the client. Policy can block stuff like port scans, tor traffic, to make life safer for the zGroup.

Implementation: some batshit crypto, for sure.

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