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Greplin hiring Javascript hacker - web, extensions, mobile, and Node
on June 7, 2011 | hide
San Francisco, CA

We're looking for someone who loves Javascript in all its incarnations. We're working on browser extensions, a highly interactive web site, a fast and effective mobile site, and we're planning to use Node in parts of our backend.

We take JavaScript seriously - in a former life one of us was a major contributor to Google's JavaScript library, compiler, and linter.

We're flexible on experience and education (though it doesn't hurt!) - we care most about your ability to build clean solutions and make a lot of progress on hard problems. You should know the fastest way to do something - which sometimes means the least CPU cycles and sometimes means the least programmer cycles. Your knowledge of data structures and algorithms should be as solid as your knowledge of the DOM.

You'll be a part of a small motivated team that loves nothing more than building things that solve real world problems. You'll commit code your first day.

Email us at jobs+js@greplin.com - more info at greplin.com/jobs

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