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Apollo in Real Time – A journey through the Apollo missions (apolloinrealtime.org)
112 points by bane 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

This is incredible!

If you like this, there's a great podcast series that goes through the final 13 minutes of Apollo 11's descent to the lunar surface https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p083t547

A few few years back there was a kickstarter for a reconstruction of one of the Apollo 11 manuals, the flight manual - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/apollo-11-flight-plan-re-... - i bought one and the quality is incredible, i always wished that group would do more of this ilk, their execution was fantastic.

The author of this site was on the No Dumb Questions podcast earlier this month, and gives a great background of the site. Well worth a listen. Here's a PocketCast link for anyone interested. https://pca.st/episode/6c543b4d-fe29-41be-a826-d3ad52bbfaa6

Thanks for the post. I'm the author of this tool and am happy to answer any questions.

@bfeist. For the 50th Anniversary I turned to this website, and synchronized to the anniversary (as best a possible) and listened to the whole program all the way from launch to splash down.

It's the absolute epitome of a 'fly on the wall' experience. Bravo. Thank you for saying hello here so I can thank you for your work.

No questions, but just wanted to let you know that sometimes when I need to focus I play this along lo-fi hip hop tunes and it’s just beautiful.

Much appreciated. I'm partial to streaming soma.fm next to it

Would it be possible to do something like this for current and future missions?

100% I've been hired at NASA to do just that. I'm currently working on a similar system for flight controllers to use internally for ISS spacewalks (like the one happening right now). Ultimately I'll be creating a system that supports our return to the moon with the Artemis program.

The Apollo site is created by people outside NASA, right? Is that possible for ISS and Artemis?

Possibly, long after the fact when the historical material is in the National Archives. But I'm within NASA now, and I have optimistically already registered artemisinrealtime.org. I'll be making something.

This site is such a treasure. Imagine if all of humanity's heritage was copyable/mashable in the same way that the Apollo videos and telemetry are!

I love how in the videos they have ashtrays and are smoking cigarettes by their desks.

I am happy that smoking is not the norm anymore.

See also https://twitter.com/apollo_50th , live tweeting the Apollo space program as it happened 50 years ago.

There's also http://apollo13realtime.org/ with fully synced transcripts.

This is excellent work congrats!

Not working for me. Do they need more donations for servers?

Awesome piece of work! Well done

So neat! Wonderful UI

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