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New Mobile Safari stuff in iOS5 (davidbcalhoun.com)
74 points by franksvalli on June 7, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

I'm very disappointed that you still can't upload files in Mobile Safari. I "get" the whole no filesystem thing, but come on at least show the photo/video picker.

Little impossibilities like this make mobile web apps perpetually less useful than native apps, and that sucks.

Use a different browser. iCab Mobile supports uploading, downloading, and side-loading to DropBox or iDisk. The only time I use Safari is when I clock a link in Mail or Twitter or some other client; otherwise, I use iCab almost exclusively.

while i use icab 99% of the time, i've hit a few limits. first off, not being able to set it as a default browser is frustrating. secondly, i've found a few rendering differences between it and safari: onswipe (the tablet theme powering wordpress.com blogs) and google font api being the two biggest ones i've ran into recently.

Jailbreaking will take care of the first issue (can't wait to jailbreak my iPad...).

I agree that there are some issues with it (it crashes frequently enough that I care), but, overall, I've found, overall, it is much better.

Features I use daily:

  * Pinboard current page
  * ReadItLater current page
  * Readability
  * Side-load to DropBox to pick up on my Mac
  * Youtube inside the browser
  * Ad filters
And so on...

You can upload pics from Safari using Picup: http://picupapp.com/

Yes, but remember that this requires the user to download a separate app in order to have the upload functionality in yours.

Your web application would have to be pretty damn good to get a user to go through that much effort in order to use it.

Just pointing out that it isn't impossible just merely extremely inconvenient to load pics through Safari.

We've been using the photo sending by email functionality for this

No word of whether activating a contentEditable now opens the keyboard. That'd be a big step for lots of content-focused web apps

Totally agree and that's the one thing I was scanning through the page looking for.

Quora's fantastic native editor is a contentEditable div and so the iPhone version has to do things completely differently which annoys me as a user.

It's the future of all editing and the only good present of rich text editing on the web.

Give me a sample URI and I'll check it for you. Or wait until I have the time to write up a naive example.

Would love to hear if this is supported as well. Lack of content editable is a big pain...

Well, that link is down right now, but I tried http://html5demos.com/contenteditable aaaaaand.......

It worked :)

It appeared to be a normal webpage, but as soon as I pressed in the middle of the paragraph, the keyboard sprung open and a frame surrounded the ContentEditable object.

Too bad they can't be bothered to put any pricing information online. I have a project that needs an editor, it looks really good, AGPL is not even kind of an option, and I'm willing to pay for a license. But heck if I want to deal with "contacting" somebody to start thinking if it's worth looking at.

There is a bunch of other contentEditable implementations you may want to look at, many of them under a permissive open source license:


BTW, the Aloha devs are willing to give exceptions to AGPL at least to open source projects.

On iPad2 it's supported. Someone can try it on an iPhone?

Not perfect but kb activated w/aloha. Could only get bold to work.

If no one gets before me ill verify today if Nitro is running in WebView / Fullscreen webapps, I would also like to check if webgl is working now but can't check right now, at work.

Great news that webworkers are "working" :)

I'm sure we'll also get an update from Phoboslab and impactjs if there are any significant performance gains elsewhere for html5 graphics.

Man I hope the datetime picker allows masks/filters. I'd like to limit minutes to say, every half an hour.

Here is the spec: http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/...

There is a step attribute. I don't know if they implemented that.

position:fixed is the most welcome addition.

Any word on adequate html5/javascript sound support; e.g., does the demo at http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/demo/chris... work better than iOS4 (where the lag is huge)?

Guy I just found a web browser does flash page without paying monthly fees. Puffin browser!! Check it out

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