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MS-DOS up to 4.1 was coming on 2 floppies, but Windows 3.1 came on a whole bunch of them (probably no less that 10). Windows 95 ans OS/2 came on a enormous stack of floppies, more than 20. I did this install more then once back then.

Office was just as bad - 97 Professional came on _55_[1]. I remember having to install a version that came on 33 (one of which didn't work, but if you told the installer to ignore it, the final install still worked - I assume some component I didn't use would fail), and that was a "fun" way to spend an afternoon.

[1] "Microsoft Office 97 Professional edition is provided on a total of 55 diskettes" https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/tn-archiv...

I had installed Windows 3.0 on the 20Mb HDD of my Hyundai 16v (8088, 10MHz!) via 20 360Kbyte floppies :)

(edit, yes Windows 3.0 could use CGA 640x200 with 1 bit colour)

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