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wrigley "My own startup (Travel social networking / Commerce site) is in private until september time yet from friends, family and testers our turnover and profit in the last 4 weeks dwarfs this figure."

wrigley "At present I cannot personally fund this project and in order to get to demo phase need to bring a hacker on board to work in partnership, what resources or methods would anyone suggest in trying to attract a hacker on an equity only option at present?,"

whats the truth then?

Wow, I just looked at his comment history, and you're right. The guy is a bloody moron and is self contradictory more than once.

wrigley: "I think when the net goes to the IPv6 there will be many more domain options"

There's nothing wrong with not knowing what IPv6 is, it's relatively domain specific knowledge. I know next to nothing about organic chemistry functional groups - but I don't go spouting bullshit in organic chemistry forums.

Very misleading quote, you should be a journalist..

You are pointing to a new project I was looking to startup - NOT my current project, if you quote the whole item you will see that "I cannot personally fund this project" - relating to the new project I was looking to startup.

The existing company (Travel website) I currently work for and manage is doing quite fine thanks, hence the comment in this post.

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