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Ask HN: Any companies that pay in BTC?
16 points by xkeysc0re 53 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 39 comments
I've interviewed with two crypto marketplace companies and neither of them would pay in BTC. One of the interviewers even laughed when I asked. I'm really intrigued by the crypto space and its future as a currency so I'm curious if there are any companies with BTC compensation, even as e.g. a bonus.

> neither of them would pay in BTC. One of the interviewers even laughed when I asked

this is an entertaining anecdote, thank you for sharing.

wonder if there's a bit of a "there's a gold rush going on, so sell picks and shovels" mindset -- i.e. you don't necessarily have to believe that investing in bitcoin is a good idea to make a profitable living selling bitcoin-related financial services.

there's a pretty big difference in asking for an annual salary of e.g. $100k usd, to be paid in btc at the current exchange rate, versus asking for an annual salary of 2.17 btc (apparently 2.17 btc = $100k usd at time of writing). which one did you ask for?

i personally wouldn't be comfortable signing a 12 month lease where i agree to pay the landlord a fixed amount of btc. i prefer my long-term liabilities to be predictable and boring, not amplified by volatility from speculative asset classes. might be the same for how the company thinks about its labor expenses.

> be comfortable signing a 12 month lease where i agree to pay the landlord a fixed amount of btc.

...would you be more comfortable with that arrangement if your salary was in in fixed btc?

One of the interviewers even laughed ...

They obviously know something that you don't --- like the fact that you can't pay rent or buy food with BTC --- because (wait for it) --- it's not a real, practical functioning currency.

there's btc debit cards. Moreover, many people have enough fiat already and are looking to get paid in crypto in order to increase their crypto exposure.

source or is it more anecdotes from a self proclaimed crypto quant trader


I'm not sure what you're exactly getting at with the ad hominem, but are you doubting who I say I am?

"Do you know who I am? I'm a cryptocurrency quant expert!"


I buy whatever I want from my crypto income stream. Feels a lot like real money to me lol, I've not worked for fiat in years. You'd think I would have run out of food by now?

not sure what your point is

It's a real store of value to me and it's payment network will scale over the next decade.

Its surely reasonable to argue that btc isn't practical, but not real? That's a bit schizophrenic.

I don't have an answer for your question, but I was curious, are you interested in getting paid in BTC at a rate that is tied to the USD or that is negotiated up front based on what the BTC/USD pair is traded at when they sign the offer?

If the former, why not just buy at each paycheck as zepto stated below?

Friend at coinbase has this option. Said he opted in 20% of his salary in btc.

Really? The HR rep said it wasn't doable. Might be because of my state?

I was told by recruiter that getting paid in Bitcoin was an option as well.

Why not just buy btc with each paycheck?

Use bitwage (https://bitwage.com).

After you open an account they will provide you with bank accounts (ACH and/or Wire with your name) that you can send to your employer, after your employer deposits the money Bitwage will send you the equivalent amount in BTC to your address.

The payment window is usually same to next business day, they also charge a 1% fee for this service, but it's worth it in my opinion, because if you are willing to hold the BTC, the fiat value will keep increasing as BTC continues to rise.

If you need to sell because you need fiat, I recommend using Bisq (https://bisq.network/) and sell small amounts, then replace the BTC amount you previously spent.

Good luck and enjoy freedom/peace of mind.

What’s the purpose of this?

If you believe that at the moment of being paid (in Bitcoin) there’s no arbitrage to be had, then you might as well just take your paycheck and immediately buy Bitcoin.

If you expect them to pay you a fixed salary in Bitcoin given its volatility that’s pretty ridiculous an ask - I’d laugh too.

Chances are you are applying to new players in the market.

I recommend going for employers who got involved in a bit of mining or otc /retail trading, you can even get 100% crypto salary there.

Do you mean you earn X BTC/year or $Y/year paid out as Bitcoin?

> One of the interviewers even laughed when I asked.

because it makes no sense, sending money with BTC is like sending cash attached to a carrier pigeon.

It's common for crypto trading firms to pay in crypto, mostly because they have so much of it sitting around in trading accounts.

probably because of money laundering laws

But why would you want such a thing ?

I believe in BTC

Alright but I personally don't believe it's worth the trouble.

The value is not very stable, good luck with the taxes system of your country, or for example to get a loan from a bank to buy a home. You will most likely exchange a lot between bitcoin and your local currency anyway, so why not getting paid in your local currency to simplify everything?

And did you consider the environmental impact of bitcoin ?

Did you consider the environmental impact of the entire traditional financial system?


Yes, and bitcoin isn't an alternative to the entire traditional financial system.

It is happening before our eyes day by day - https://defipulse.com

DeFi loans and platforms like blockfi let you borrow against your BTC.

iohk.io used to allow that, each month you would invoice your salary, where the company would convert the amount to BTC at market rate, right now, ADA is the only option.

Besides that one, I have only seen companies willing to pay in other coins, most commonly ETH.

Have fun at tax time!

There are no taxes for being paid in BTC, only when you sell.

Ideally you can use Blockfi.com and take out a loan using your BTC as collateral if you need fiat.

If you receive something of value you usually owe taxes on it short of some gifts and inheritances. If you were compensated with 1000 shares (a more conventional situation) at a value of $150k instead of a cash salary (unusual but not impossible), you’d owe income tax on the value at the time it was received. You’d also owe taxes (capital gains) when you realize any gains (or not if you instead realize a loss).

This is also true for crypto currency wages.

NB: This is in the US, but there will be comparable rules in nearly every country.

Ah I see. I thought the taxes would be taken out before the BTC is sent.

Protonmail had the option early on

Kraken offers that.

Is that even legal in the place you live? Perhaps they laughed because maybe you're showing your interviewer a lack of understanding of real-world implications of BTC?

It is legal, according to my attorney and accountant. It's a pretty simple question, not sure why its worthy of ridicule or your assumption that I am somehow unaware of my financial situation lol

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