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For data tracking/analysis, you're looking for "quantified self" https://github.com/woop/awesome-quantified-self#awesome-quan...

For exporting and owning the data the keyword is "data liberation"

Otherwise, the keywords are perhaps "personal knowledge management" and "memex". Have some links here, although they all have different components in scope https://beepb00p.xyz/exobrain/memex.html#cmmnts

I usually maintain related links at the end of articles, so perhaps you can find something there, for example https://beepb00p.xyz/sad-infra.html#links

I just noticed that the awesome-quantified-self on github has been abandoned with no updates for 3-5 years now. Looking for alternatives!

Was it? Seems that it had some updates (maybe not as active as it used to https://github.com/woop/awesome-quantified-self/commits/mast... )

Either way don't think I've seen anything better, so the best way would be to suggest them updates or help maintaining :)

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