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https://github.com/pyramation/totp/blob/master/packages/totp... yes in the notes of the source here

The first TOTP implementation I wrote was here was much less efficient, literally the algorithm in steps: https://github.com/pyramation/learn-totp/blob/master/package...

That gist is essentially the pure TOTP algo, but it was missing what we use in industry practice that the RFC was missing... base32 encode/decode.

So I implemented a base32 encode/decode so that the TOTP algo actually works with google authenticator and authy https://github.com/pyramation/totp/blob/master/extensions/%4...

When I found the gist, while the original code worked, the gist was much smaller (used more efficient bitwise operations) and the gist author I collaborated briefly and decided to combine the gist and the code for OSS

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