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Color had 5 photos posted at WWDC this morning
41 points by discordance on June 6, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments
We were in line with thousands of active iPhone users this morning for WWDC and Color had 5 photos posted in the vicinity of the Moscone.

Is this what 41M in Series A is worth?


Compare that to instagram, 1000s of pics posted already: http://www.gramfeed.com/instagram/tags/wwdc?view=grid

It's not a nail int the coffin by any means but you would think it would make strategic sense for them to be making a concerted effort to get people using their service at a conference like WWDC ala Twitter/Foursquare... big missed opportunity to get influential people using their service.

Are they officially marketing it yet? The only reason I've even heard about it was the funding.

Eh, I don't think _how_ they're getting the word out is as important as the word _is_ out, and that instance at WWDC is a bit scary.

I'm sitting inside in line right now. What is Color? I'll check it out.

A tragic waste. I could do a lot of cool stuff with $41M.

If you really think you can: pitch. Don't just complain that other people are getting the money.

I'd much rather bootstrap than take VC money – but that’s beside the point.

If Color ends up burning through $41M doing another failed social service (which seems likely), no one wins, and stories like these cast doubt on the whole startup economy.

Maybe the point was that there are a lot cooler ways to piss away 41m than taking 5 photos at WWDC. Perhaps few of them would sound interesting to a VC though.

The question is; why can't/aren't they? What are they using the money for?

MVP out the door and in the hands of us early adopty-type folks and then work to make a much "better" (whatever this means in your mind) product? It's what I would do.

To be fair this is what Color thinks their MVP is....

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