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AWW Becomes Miro (awwapp.com)
2 points by cpncrunch 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

AWW co-founder here: really excited for this, it's a culmination of almost ten years of work on AWW and months-long acquisition process.

Fun fact: AWW was launched on HN first, back in 2011: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2886353

There's an ongoing consolidation in the online whiteboard space, with Miro, Mural and Lucid emerging as top three players. The past year has boosted all of us (as happened with all online/productivity tools) and it's going to be exciting to watch this race unfold.

For my part, I'm really happy we're joining forces with Miro. Their product is excellent and the people are top notch. The transition is always annoying, but we're doing our best to smooth it out as much as possible.

Thanks for the support HN, both back in '11 and throughout the years!

Congrats! I see whiteboard.fi was acquired today as well. It's interesting seeing various online whiteboard services come and go over the years.

Was this an acqui-hire? Did Miro approach you or did you approach them?


Yeah, especially last year really energized the entire niche. I was taken by surprise seeing the news about whiteboard.fi as well, hadn't known they've grown so quickly in the past year. And at least several other smaller whiteboard sites were also lapped up by bigger players.

We were considering several potential buyers but Miro seemed (and still is) the best choice overall. We've been tracking their growth (as a competitor) throughout the years and they really know what they're doing so I think we're in good company :)

I can't share the deal details, but it wasn't an acquihire.

Ok, I'm just interested as I develop a competing product which has been around quite a bit longer and is used by some large online tutoring companies.

I see you posted a message asking for work a few years ago, and you have been operating a consultancy, so I'm guessing aww app wasn't hugely profitable (at least pre-covid) and this was more of an acquisition to remove the competition (which is still a win).

It does seem to be a difficult space to make decent money...it took me almost 20 years before I was making decent money. Quite a few online whiteboards have just shut down over the years.

Yeah, AWW was not a core focus, until COVID hit and it took off.

Btw, happy to talk shop over email, hit me up (address is in the profile) if interested. Always interested to hear about similar products & startup journeys.

thx, just sent you an email.

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